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Electric Pulse Neck Massager


Product Details

  • Do you still think that neck pain is a trivial matter? Light pain on the cervical vertebrae is likely to cause major problems, such as neurasthenia, memory loss and so on. Therefore, we should pay more attention to this problem. In modern times, people are busy in working in a fast-paced life. It is very important to have a comfortable rest environment. 

  • Do you think it is too time-consuming to go to the SPA club? Our Electric Pulse Neck Massager will be a great partner in your busy life and work. Relieves muscle tension and soreness, eliminates fatigue and makes your body feel more relaxed every time and everywhere.

Main Features

  • Ease Your Neck Now
    Promote local muscle, and achieve the purpose of reducing inflammation, swelling, relieving pain and relieving fatigue with this Electric Pulse Neck Massager. Applicable for cervical pain, numbness of shoulder arm, headache and dizziness.
  • Perfectly Fits Your Neck Curve
    With ergonomic U-shape design, the use of low-frequency electrical pulse, magnetic effect, loop traction three-synchronous treatments to form a high-performance composite energy field, makes the massager closer to the neck in order to get a better massage.
  • Enjoy the Feeling Like Human Massage
    5 electric pulse massage mode: thump, shiatsu, knead, tuina and free mode. Electronic snap-on neck massaging device for wellness and well being as well as prevention of cervical neck pain, headache, shoulder pain. 
  • Relieve Your Neck Pain
    The built-in magnetic massages human acupoint to balance the nervous system, improve the oxygen supply, microcycle and the nutrition status of the tissue cells. Relieve muscle stiffness and relieve shoulder and neck pain.
  • Keep You Relax Anytime Anywhere
    When the electrode does not touch the skin, it will automatically shut down after 30 seconds, leaving it to protect you every time.


  • ABS
  • Silicone
Product Weight
  • 230G
Product Size
  • 14 × 15 × 5CM
Package Contents
  • Cervical Massager × 1
  • Wireless Remote Control × 1


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Electric Pulse Neck Massager